How to Setup Multiple Home Pages in Firefox

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Posted 17 Nov 2008 in Geek Girl

Geek GirlI read quite a few articles over the weekend about top Firefox extensions, and while several of them mentioned using add-ons like Speed Dial and Morning Coffee to set up your home pages in Firefox, I dug deep in the Geek Girl’s archives and found a way to do this manually, without adding any additional add-ons to my Firefox installation!

First, go to the menu bar and click on Tools, and then Options. Then, click on the Main tab.

Screenshot of the Home Page Options

Screenshot of the Home Page Options

Type the URLs you want to use into the box labeled “Home Page” and separate them with the “|” symbol. This symbol is on most keyboards right above the ENTER key on the right-hand side of the keyboard. You have to press SHIFT then the key to make the “|” symbol appear.

If you want to duplicate the features of Morning Coffee and have an entire folder of bookmarks open when you open your browser or hit the HOME button, select the “Use Homepage” button and a folder of bookmarks to be your Home Page.

Screenshot of Home Page Options

Screenshot of Home Page Options

Remember, if you select multiple home pages to open, all of them will open in separate tabs when you hit the HOME button or open the browser.
Good luck!

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