How to Get Control of your Digital World

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Posted 26 May 2009 in Featured, Geek Girl

Pile of GadgetsIt is easy to get bogged down with gadgets in our digital world. Most of us have a cell phone, an iPod or MP3 player, a digital camera and a laptop which we carry with us on a regular basis.

As evidenced by my “go bag” and HarriMac‘s, there’s plenty of analog stuff we geeks carry with ourselves on a daily basis, too!

But, today, I want to help you get control of your digital world. It won’t hurt, I promise, and you’ll be feeling a lot better physically and mentally once you get rid of some things by combining them, upgrading or downgrading!

The first thing you should do is take an inventory of what gadgets you have, what functions they have and how often you use them.

What items have duplicate functions? Does your phone have a camera but you also carry a digital camera? Does your laptop have phone – VOIP (voice over IP) capabilities? Is your back begging you to stop carrying so much stuff? Do you panic if you do not remember if you put something back in your bag after leaving Starbucks?

Well, try to pare down your gadgets by eliminating duplicate items. Do you really need two or three cameras on you everywhere you go? Camera phones can usually fit the function of a digital camera in a pinch. So, leave the regular camera at home! All-in-one devices can save space and make life a lot easier for you.

Are you going to the park to work or are you just going to play? Leave your laptop at home if you are just planning on lazing around and use your cell phone’s wireless network – especially if you have unlimited data – to play around online for a while.

New Laptop Cover
Creative Commons License photo credit: nengard

Determine if you need the biggest or fanciest camera on the market? Or will a small digital camera work? Most of us are not professional photographers, and grandma is not going to care about how many megapixels your camera has – she just wants to see your smiling face!

If you have gone three or six months without using an item, do yourself a favor and sell unused items online; use the cash to pad your savings account, put toward a ‘staycation’ or pay a bill. If you don’t use an item, you probably don’t need it. When it is time to move, you’ll thank yourself.

You definitely should have a ‘landing pad’ for your digital items – a single place in your home or office where digital items can be plugged up to charge or stay available for picking up and packing in your bag when you are on the go.

Clean up your digital files and see how much space you can save on your computer or laptop. Follow the top five tips for organizing your computer files – and copy important files to your flash drive, PDA, Dropbox or cell phone for use when you are on the go. Save yourself the hassle of taking a laptop with you everywhere. Most public libraries have computers, so take advantage of flash drives and online storage options.

How have you gotten control of your digital world?

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  1. HarriMac

    great post. i like having multiple gadgets with different purposes – if one breaks i dont have to replace the whole thing. but i agree – if you’re not using something why tote it and why keep it? save yourself and dont make yourself a big target for thieves.

  2. Great point, HarriMac! Why make yourself a target by carrying a bunch of gadgets at one time?

  3. online storage would be preferable to flash drives with the advent of the conficker virus – I doubt whether many public libraries would allow you to use a flash drive!!
    Many broadband providers offer online storage – trouble is you lose it if you change your BB provider..

  4. Good point, Jay! I highly recommend DropBox.

  5. Multiple gadgets sound very expensive.

  6. I don’t always agree with all your reasons, but you all have different points of view and I appreciated that. Thanks for sharing.

  7. I appreciate all your different points of view. Thanks for sharing I’ve learn so much.