How to Format an E-Book

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Posted 27 Jul 2009 in Geek Girl

You’ve written a great e-book and now you want to publish it so that others can enjoy and learn from your research. There are several ways to accomplish self-publishing, including using paid e-book creator software, but I know it is just as simple to create a .pdf document for free.

First, you want to make sure your e-book is formatted into an easy to read and navigate document. Microsoft Word 2007 offers document element inserts, which include:

  • A well designed cover to grab the reader’s attention and market your e-book
  • betterbloggercover

  • A table of contents to make it easier to navigate through the e-book document
  • Matching header, footer and bibliography designs which match the document style

Access these inserts to help you build the best e-book by navigating to the Word 2007 menu and selecting Insert, then Document Elements.

Use a program like PDFCreator, doPDF or novaPDF to print and save your document to .pdf format.

Make direct links within your .pdf by making checking your software settings in PDFCreator to make sure you can print and keep your bookmarks as hyperlinks within the document when you print to PDF.


Do you understand how the bookmarks in the table of contents work? As you type your document, chapter names should be formatted in “Heading 1” and subheadings in “Heading 2” or “Heading 3”. When you right click on and update the table of contents, the headings will automatically fill in the table of contents, giving you the document links you need.

You’ve now written and published your e-book! If you have an e-book, tell us in the comments. I’d love to read your e-book.

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  1. You’ve read my mind – my ebook is languishing in parts consisting of text, diagrams and photos. I am stuck and was looking for someone to do this for me – and here I can do it myself! You rock! I had no idea I could do this in Word.

    • I can’t wait to see your e-book!

  2. Ellie ! You saved the day ! Was looking for months for creating the Bookmarks and nothing was as simpler as you said

    its simple .You rock !

    • I am glad I was able to help. I can’t wait to see your e-book, either!

  3. wow great thanks

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