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Posted 29 May 2007 in Geek Girl, WordPress

Geek GirlOver the last year or so, I’ve been tinkering with my site. I moved it from Blogger, which is notoriously slow to load most of the day. I chose WordPress because of its ease of customization and support in the online community. For a budding techie like myself, WordPress fits the bill. If you are looking for a program that you can install on your own (all you need is webhosting with SQL and PHP support) and customize until your heart’s content, get WordPress today!

WordPress, with its plugin system, reminds me a lot of my favorite web browser, Firefox. (See my earlier post on Firefox Plugins here.)

For this blog, I am currently using a mix of plugins especially to add functionality and information for my readers.

  1. Adhesive (3.2) Allows easy marking of sticky posts in WordPress 2.0. By Owen Winkler. Note: This plugin is not currently supported by the developer.
  2. Akismet (2.0) Akismet checks your comments against the Akismet web service to see if they look like spam or not. By Matt Mullenweg.
  3. Bad Behavior (2.0.10) Deny automated spambots access to your PHP-based Web site. By Michael Hampton.
  4. Category Tagging (2.3) Tagging with categories. Display a tag cloud and related posts. By Michael Woehrer.
  5. Easy Announcement (1.1) An easy way to display announcement on your site without have to edit your theme file. By Fauzi Mohd Darus.
  6. Gravatar (1.1) This plugin allows you to generate a gravatar URL complete with rating, size, default, and border options. By Tom Werner.
  7. Gravatar Signup (1.6.3) Allows commenters to sign up for a gravatar by clicking a checkbox and filling in a desired password By Mark Jaquith.
  8. podPress (7.9) The podPress pluggin gives you everything you need in one easy plugin to use WordPress for Podcasting. By Dan Kuykendall (Seek3r). Currently disabled.
  9. Post Avatar (1.2.1) Attach a picture to posts easily by selecting from a list of uploaded images. Similar to Livejournal Userpics. By Vicky Arulsingam and Dominik Menke.
  10. Secure and Accessible PHP Contact Form (v.2.0WP B20070414) This powerful yet easy-to-install contact form features exceptional accessibility and usability while still providing extensive anti-spam and anti-exploit security features. By Mike Cherim and Mike Jolley.
  11. SRG Clean Archives (4.0.2) This plugin is designed to display your archive listings in a clean, uniform, single-query fashion that’s Search Engine friendly on a dedicated page or in your
    sidebar. By Geek With Laptop.
  12. Subscribe2 (3.5) Notifies an email list when new entries are posted. By Matthew Robinson.
  13. WP Tiger Administration (3.0) Wraps the WordPress Administrator panel with a pretty display, so it looks more like an application than a website. By Steve Smith.
  14. WP Grins (1.4) A Clickable Smilies hack for WordPress. Alex King.

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