Safari (Mac) Brower on PCs!

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Posted 12 Jun 2007 in Geek Girl

Geek GirlI couldn’t hold this until next week. 😛

Apple – the company that brought us Macs and Ipods, has introduced their Windows version of Safari web browser. I have been reading articles about it all day, mainly on tech blogs and websites – just WAITING for it to hit the “regular” news!

And yes!

I was not disappointed!

PC World has a pretty comprehensive overview of how the browser looks and works (link | download). If it weren’t for the security problems that were found within HOURS of its release, I would be downloading Safari right this minute. Well, actually, something like 8 hours ago. 😆

Try it if you must, but beware. This software is still in beta AND there are some security problems.

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