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Posted 24 Dec 2007 in Geek Girl

Geek GirlHere’s a roundup of 5 great online services you should check out.

  1. provides the ability to completely customize the greetings and options that you offer the various people who call you. It’s free, and you can also get your voice mails online.
  2. Emurse is an online resume maker with lots of useful features. These include quick resume generator, activity tracking, resume templates, multi-format download, and more. Read more at
  3. DailyLit allows you to conveniently read books by email or RSS. Includes classics and new releases.
  4. Fake Name Generator generates a first and last name, valid city, state, and zip code, telephone number, mother’s maiden name and birthday. Other than having fun and amuse with it, if you are sensitive on privacy, use this to register online accounts.
  5. Addons to make Google Talk better include gAlwaysIdle, GPlus, and Extended Talk. Why not perk Google Talk up a little bit and enjoy chatting with your friends and family a bit more!

This special feature, Geek Girl, appears every Monday.

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