Firefox 3 Launches Tuesday!

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Posted 16 Jun 2008 in Geek Girl

Geek GirlHelp the Mozilla Foundation meet their goal of a world record by downloading Firefox 3 on Tuesday, June 17, 2008!

I plan on throwing a party here, complete with cheesecake and tasty beverages! Visit Mozilla Party Central to find out where Firefox parities will be in your area. There are hundreds of parties listed all over the world, so there’s a good chance that there will be a party near you!

Download Day

I’m looking forward to getting Firefox 3 because it is said to run faster, have a lot new features that I’m sure to enjoy and above all, it is one of the safest browsers around! Fortunately, a lot of my favorite plugins now work with Firefox 3, so I am ready to take the plunge on Tuesday along with everyone else!

Are your favorite plugins compatible with Fx 3? Have you been using the Release Candidates or Betas? Or are you sticking with Fx 2 just a little while longer?

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  1. I have been using the release candidates (both 1 and 2) since they came out and they are great. And of all the new features (and there are plenty to love), my favorite part is the upgrade in performance.

    The one knock I always had on Firefox (V.2) was that it was a horrible memory hog. And the longer it was running, the worse it got. Now I know this is the case with all browsers, but if you monitor your memory with several browsers open, it is Firefox that seemed to grow exponentially (I would usually restart FF once it hit like 300 megs of memory). But now, with RC’s 1 and 2 that problem seems to have been addressed.

    Unless you really have a plugin that you can’t live without that won’t work with FF3, I would upgrade immediately. Hell, I would upgrade now.

  2. Have you seen that the MS IE dev team has sent a huge IE cake to congratulate the FF dev team? Isn’t it nice? 😉

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