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Posted 03 Nov 2008 in Geek Girl

Geek GirlI’m an associate for – I try to refer people to purchase Amazon products and services. I have found them very useful, so I want to “spread the love” to everyone else.

After Amazon updated their Associates code, I was unable to use the getASIN bookmarklet. I searched high and low for a solution, and finally found a bookmarklet that works from Justin Blanton with the new Amazon Associates website.

Amazon Associates Bookmarklet v1.1

To use this bookmarklet, follow these steps:

  1. Drag the above link to your browser’s toolbar.
  2. Edit the JavaScript to reflect your Amazon Associates ID (i.e., change “justinblanton-20” to your ID).
  3. Click the bookmarklet while you are on any Amazon product page.
  4. Wait for the page to refresh and then, depending on your intended use, either do nothing or copy/paste the URI that’s now in the address bar.

I do want to note here that to edit the Javascript in Firefox means to right click on the bookmarklet and press properties, then edit the Javascript. Press “Save Changes” to make sure the changes are saved. There’s no need to restart the browser.

Do you have any bookmarklets you’d like to share? I am always looking for neat and helpful bookmarklets!

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