A Neat New Online Alarm Clock

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Posted 16 Feb 2009 in Geek Girl

While Kuku Klok might be old news to some of you, this online alarm clock is new to me! Kuku Klok has some cool features that put it above most other online alarm clocks.


First things first, Kuku Klok works without an internet connection – so once you set the clock, you can disconnect your internet connection. The clock will still go off at the time you specified!

Kuku Klok also has some great sounds to choose from, so you can wake up to electronica, slayer guitar, a rooster or a traditional alarm clock.

Check it out. With simplicity and some neat features, Kuku Klok will work for most computer users, just as Online Alarm Clock and Naked Alarm Clock have in the past!

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  1. jospeh

    I just saw on howtogeek.com a new one too called
    http://sleep.fm . I just used it this morning and it woke me up telling me my weather.

    There seems to be all types of these things.

  2. Oh wow! Sleep.fm looks great! I will be trying this one out!