8 Great Uses for a Moleskine Notebook

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Posted 04 May 2009 in Geek Girl

Moleskine notebooks are all the rage with geeks and nerds around the world, so you know the Geek Girl had to get one, too! I picked up a black hardcover Moleskine notebook a week ago, and I have found some great uses for my Moleskine in my daily life. You can use these tips with a regular spiral bound notebook, but there’s something really special about a more expensive, durable notebook that doesn’t catch on clothes or bags and never seems to age.

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  1. Getting things done – I always have a lot of things to do on a daily basis, so keeping a things-to-do list is smart – but with a Moleskine, I can keep my lists running, in case I can’t get to everything in one day!
  2. Taking notes – I read a lot, and I always want to keep track of interesting quotes or places I’ve visited online. Having a Moleskine makes it easier to keep up with this information, so I can follow up later. Also, I use my Moleskine to keep track of blog post ideas when I am not near a computer and can dump ideas into Evernote.
  3. Making and Keeping lists – Sometimes, inspiration hits me at the strangest places – such as, “buy some tomatoes” while I am riding the train – so having a notebook handy to add to my grocery list is important. I also keep lists of future, long-term goals, current, short-term goals, gift ideas for my family and friends, movies I’d like to see, TV shows to check out and more. You never know when inspiration or information will hit you!
  4. Remember locations of stores – I love exploring New York City. Sometimes, I’ll find a rare gem of a store – a bakery, a quirky bookstore or a hair salon. I want to remember where these places are, so I write their address, hours and why I want to remember it into my Moleskine for when I want to visit again.
  5. Backup important phone numbers – Just in case I lose my cell phone, I can have a backup of important phone numbers in my Moleskine, such as my mom’s cell phone or my brother’s office number. This also works for important addresses, like my sister’s home address. No more fumbling through my Moto Q to find her address while I’m in line at the post office.
  6. Keep important dates all together – I have a Windows Mobile phone, but it is kind of clunky for searching my phone for birthdays or anniversaries. However, there’s one page in my Moleskine with nothing but birthdays, anniversaries and other important dates. On the facing page, I have a calendar taped to the page. Turning a few pages in my Moleskine into a day planner makes it easy to keep track of when to buy a card or gift for someone special!
  7. Transcribe voicemail messages – I do not answer my phone every time it rings. So, I need a quick and easy way to keep track of phone calls I receive and transcribe any voicemails that come into my regular voicemail box. Usually these messages are people asking me to do things, so I can easily integrate these messages into my things-to-do list. I also use this same method for my Google Voice voicemail box.
  8. Daily “good stuff” diary – One challenge in this world is to find the great things happening – so I challenge myself each day to write down one or two great things that happened to me or in my world each day. When I’m feeling down, I flip back to these pages and read for a little inspiration.

How do you use your Moleskine or other notebook? Let’s hear it in the comments!

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