7 Ways to Entertain Yourself for Free

Geek GirlGas prices are through the roof and most Americans do not live anywhere near public transit. So, people are shifting their extra money to gas, but what fun is gas? You surely can’t play with it or talk to it.

So, here are 7 Ways to Entertain Yourself for Free – both on and offline – but tied back to technology one way or another – because we wouldn’t be geeks if we didn’t figure out how to tie it back to a computer or a piece of hardware or software, right?

1. Check out some Podcasts – You already have internet access, and most of us have iTunes or MediaMonkey installed; so start looking for podcasts that are interesting to you, and listen to your heart’s content! What’s even more fun is to put your new podcasts on your iPod or laptop and go out to the park and enjoy these last few days of summer!

2. Take a walk around your neighborhood – How has your neighborhood changed since you moved there? Do you see anything interesting? Take photos! Make photo albums of your neighborhood as the seasons and development changes – it is always fun to see how time changes even the most established of neighborhoods.

3. Read a book that you’ve been meaning to read – Most geeks also have piles of books that they mean to read but never get around to it – well, read it already! Take a couple of hours and just read until your heart’s content. Once you are finished, put the book up for sale in your Amazon Store.

4. Check out some new software you’ve been meaning to try – Of course, this only works if you are using free software, or free trials, but at least you can get a few hours of entertainment by playing with a new piece of software and learning how it works. You might even find a new time saving program that will make your life 10x easier! Also check out online software or web applications.

5. Go through your bookmarks and read various websites – especially those you bookmarked to read later. Not only will you clean your bookmarks up once you delete or move the bookmarks to new folders, but you will have learned something or had a good laugh – both of which are entertaining!

6. Remove old programs and files from your computer – Do not hold on to old software that you aren’t using, instead uninstall it and watch your hard drive’s free space expand! Even better, make Vista SP1 permanent on your drive, freeing up up to 2GB of space!

7. Play a game online – There are literally hundreds of free game sites online, including my favorite, Pogo, Yahoo! Games, Free Online Games,  and more. You’ll see time pass quickly as you play games such as dominoes, Sim Taxi, Mahjong and chat with players from all around the world.

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  1. Buying books isn’t free. Get your reading from the public library instead. If you’re lucky, that can be combined with the walk around the neighborhood!

    • Hi, infmom! If you have books that you haven’t read, you can read them! :-) I know I have at least 10 books here that I haven’t read already. So, for “free” I can read these books and not have to go out and spend some more money.

  2. man i’ve got a zillion books around the house i haven’t read yet. i get them when i think i have time for them but may not be able to read them all at once. when i finish pleasure books i sell them and use the money to buy new ones so i never really spend more on new books or i put a card in the book and mail it to a sibling who wants to read it. i do the same with some of my textbooks. yeah it takes money to start that habit but it’s definitely worth it. infmom the public library is great but they don’t always have what i want to read when i have time to read it (yeah you can ask them to order but the chances that it happens if it’s not a popular book combined with the time it takes them to get it isn’t convenient for everyone). i believe in a combination of buying, sharing and borrowing. great tips all around – i’m all over exploring neighborhoods with the camera and just got on the podcast kick. yay!

  3. I was going to chastise you, Ellie, for leaving out sex with a spouse or significant other until I reread and saw how it had to be tied to technology one way or another. Wait! Do USB-powered sex toys count???


    RT Cunningham’s last blog post: The UV SEO Series – Part Five – Keywords

    • LMAO…. yes, USB powered toys could count. LOL