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Posted 21 Jan 2008 in Geek Girl

Geek GirlThere’s a lot going on with web applications and websites since the new year, so I wanted to roundup 4 sites you HAVE to bookmark.

These websites/applications provide a wide range of functions, but the best part is that they are online and are great additions to your daily web arsenal!

If you have an online application you simply LOVE, add it in the comments!

  • Create your own screensaver with instasaver.com . This is an easy, way to create your own personalized screensaver. Decide on a name, get photos from Flickr or upload the picturesyou want to use and the screensaver, with over 150 transition effects, is ready! You will get a fully standalone distribution package that enables you to easily install and/or distribute your screensaver, too. Great gift idea for friends or family – and a unique way to show off your vacation photos!
  • After 2 million tests, Pingdom Tools v2.0 has arrived! I absolutely LOVE Pingdom Tools. This handy online application has helped me tweak websites I’ve designed for optimal functionality! My favorite feature is the Full Page Test (their FREE, Ajax-based website load-time analyzer). Some of the new features include saving tests and permalinking to them! It will now be even easier for people to share test results and keep track of how their site (or any site) has performed in the past. All sorting and other filters work on the saved tests, making them much more useful than for example screenshots. Previous coverage: Pingdom Tools
  • Get the ORIGINAL online alarm clock – Online Alarm Clock! This simple, yet fully functional online alarm clock has won my heart – it’s simple, easy to configure (but not too many options!) and over 6000 people agree with me! I like how you can change the size of the text, so it can be as large or small as you need it to be. You can also choose your background color, if you are like me and like having different colors based on how you feel! The alarm clock works perfectly – and didn’t use up a lot of my time when setting it! 😀 Previous alarm clock coverage: Naked Alarm Clock
  • The imo.im instant messenger application allows Facebook users to instant message and video chat with friends on Facebook, AIM, Google Talk, MSN, and Yahoo. This application also enables the Facebook user to sign into multiple accounts at one time. Facebook users, you can find the Facebook application here: imo.im Facebook Application. Read previous coverage: imo.im – A Meebo killer?

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  1. You rule, Geek Girl, thanks for mentioning OnlineClock! 😀

    Tip: scroll down to the very bottom of our page to find links to our Online Stopwatch, 24 Hour Alarm Clock and Countdown Timer.

  2. Yes pingdom tools are very handy.

    You might also want to take a look at the tools section of site24x7.com There are a few free online tools such as Web Page Analyzer, DNS lookup, find ip, find geographical location, check availability, etc.

    • This looks promising, too! I am bookmarking and will review in depth later! :) THANKS!

  3. Pat

    I love the online alarm clock. I’m going to let it wake me up tomorrow :smile: . The facebook application is also pretty cool. For video chatting though my friends and I use http://www.oovoo.com It lets up to six of us get on at once, which is great since a lot of us aren’t in the same place anymore. Might be something cool for your readers to check out.

    Anyway, love the blog, thanks for all the cool sites and applications.

    • Oh this sounds sweet, too! Is the video chat free, or low cost? This would be a great option for my family.

      I hope to see you around more often, Pat! :mrgreen:

      • Pat

        Yep, it’s completely free. That is what first attracted me to it. It really is an awesome way to keep in touch. Can’t beat free, right? Let me know if you have any questions about it. I’ll definitely be around more often :)

        • Free is definitely a great draw for any product – but video conferencing for free is 1000 times better than anything I know of right now (other than my sister’s cookies 😆 )

        • How do we get our hands on your sisters’ cookies… 😳 (ooops that sounds ruder than intended…)

          • I’m sure she’ll make you some if you ever visit us here across the pond!

        • Pat

          LOL, free video conferencing and good cookies sounds like a good mix, count me in! Have you gotten a chance to check ooVoo out yet? I’ve been using the online alarm clock regularly.

          • I’m testing it out this upcoming weekend. :) But the online alarm clock is SWEET!

  4. I use the Google calendar regularly as I have some responsibility for a technical (sound) team in my church. I get team leaders to fill in the calendar for the team member who will be looking after the sound equipment for a particular event so anyone can look at the calendar and know who is on duty.
    I have been thinking about Google groups for the same type of thing and also for a football team…
    My favourite Google thing (Not EVERYTHING the Big G does is evil!) is google gadgets – widget type games and features that you can host on your own blog – I have ‘space invaders’ on my blog, and have used ‘pacman’ in the past – I am looking for a cool widget to play MP3’s on a website if anyone has suggestions…

    • Hey, Jay, long time no hear from! :) I like Google Groups as a good alternative to Yahoo Groups. The emails come a lot cleaner (I don’t see ads!) and the archives are easy to search.

      I will have to check out the Google Gadgets. I added a few to my iGoogle page, then got distracted by Netvibes!