3 Exceptional Features of Gmail You Must Use

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Posted 21 Sep 2009 in Geek Girl

gmail-logo-google-tmJust about everyone uses Gmail for managing email. It has some great features such as useful filters, the ability to set Gmail as your default email client in Firefox and Gmail Labs, which offers all sorts of additional add-ons for your email enjoyment.

There are three more exceptional features that I think are must-haves for any serious Gmail user. They are: drag and drop, Google Voice in Gmail and keyboard shortcuts.

Rolled out across all accounts is the option to drag and drop emails from your inbox (or label view) to another label and drag and drop labels onto messages. You can now make it a bit easier to sort through and organize emails. Simply click on the little dots right before the checkmark box on your email and drag the message to the specified label or the trash.


dragndrop2Photos courtesy of Gmail Blog.

Google Voice is only available by invitation only, but if you are one of the lucky ones who secured an invite, why not make it easier to listen to voicemails by adding Google Voice to Gmail? In Gmail Labs, search for the “Google Voice player in mail” and enable. Remember to save your updates. Now, when you get email notifications of new voicemails, you’ll see a mini audio player at the bottom of your email. Click play and listen directly from Gmail to your new voicemails.

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Gmail is a great tool for productivity – you can add gadgets to your sidebar and enable all sorts of features using Gmail Labs. But no tool is as useful as the keyboard shortcuts built in to Gmail. Be sure you’ve activated the keyboard shortcuts by going to Settings and selecting “Keyboard shortcuts on” and saving the changes. Press the question mark (?) to bring up a cheatsheet of shortcuts or print a copy of the shortcuts from Gmail’s help page. Once you learn the shortcuts, you’ll save a lot of time and your mouse might miss you using it constantly!


What’s your favorite Gmail feature? Let’s hear it in the comments!

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  1. One need to know that is pressented here so nicley. Thanks

  2. I, too, am becoming a huge fan of Gmail. I am in the process of switching from my 10+ year old Hotmail account. Another exceptional feature of Gmail is the ability to use canned messages with filters to set up auto replies to specific emails. Gmail’s got some really cool stuff going on!