10 Things to Look for in a Web-host

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Posted 02 Mar 2009 in Geek Girl

Finding a new web-host can be a challenge, especially if you are new to having a website or blog.

However, there are 10 Things to Look for in a Web-host, and these 10 tips will ensure you get the best host to meet your needs.

  1. Price is important. You do not want to spend a lot of money for hosting that is mediocre, nor do you want to spend money if a free host will fit your needs.
  2. How much storage is the host offering? You’d be surprised at how hosts offer so many different amounts of storage space. Find a good balance between storage and the other features, to get your money’s worth of the hosting.
  3. What are the privacy and other policies that you must follow? Are you forbidden from using your site for commercial uses? Or no adult content? What constitutes adult content? Do you have to use the host’s version of WordPress or TypePad, or can you update your own copy as needed?
  4. Security of your site on the servers is just as important as price. Make sure the host you are evaluating has a clear security plan outlined. How secure are the servers? What about your email?
  5. Customer service is another important factor in choosing a web-host. Are the representatives friendly and knowledgeable? Can you call for support? Or is support only offered via email? How long does it take to get a response from customer service?
  6. How reliable is the host? Do their servers crash all of the time? How often and how long are outages? Do you get a refund for the time the servers are down?
  7. What do other customers say about this host? Are the reviews mainly favorable on their website, but forums tell a different story? Getting honest information about the quality of service is important.
  8. Going back to price, does the host charge one flat fee for the month or year, or do they charge different prices from month to month? If you like stability, go for the host that charges one flat fee for the month, quarterly or annually, versus a host that changes the prices from month-to-month.
  9. What are the bandwidth limits of the host? Will your site be taken offline once you hit the bandwidth limit, or will you be charged a fee? How much is the fee? Do you think you’ll go over the limit? If so, look at a host with higher bandwidth limits.
  10. Are there add-ons available that can make your web-hosting experience a good one? For example, some hosts feature free web templates, multiple email addresses, plug-ins for shopping carts, and more. Does your host offer that?

I hope these 10 tips help you find a good web-host. If you have any suggestions, let’s hear it in the comments!

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  1. patrick

    What i never understand about these type of articles is that it always points to the same hosts which the article warns for. Hope the readers do their research well before signing up with any host.

    • I’ve never had a problem with any of the hosts I mention here. I did direct someone to your host today. Hopefully, she’ll sign up. :-)

  2. patrick

    Hi ellie, always appreciate that :) but i did not mention our company in this post as i did not want to make it sound like an advertisement, i always advise everyone to do their own research, a good place to look for reviews of hosts would be http://www.webhostingtalk.com not the best place to ask for host recommendations (you likely get more hosts replying on such question as customers recommendations) but the reviews there are always interesting to read.