Happy Father’s Day!!

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Posted 16 Jun 2013 in Featured

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Today is Father’s Day!! We’re hoping all the folks that fill the role of Dad have had a great one! We’re sure you all did something great for your dad figures, but especially since we’re coming up on the first day of summer, why not plan ahead to give Dad a whole summer of awesomeness? Here are a few of our ideas starting with the technology:

To you it is a method to communicate with your Dad on a regular basis. To him, it is a shiny new toy. A new tablet or a new computer complete with a webcam is a fantastic way to video chat with family and to do a million other things like read a book, play a game (Candy Crush, anyone?), or keep up with the webcast of summer TV series on Hulu. If Dad is retired, a tablet is a great way to write a blog to keep you up to date on those travels around the world you promised. We’re fans of both Android and Apple tablets so there are many options to meet your price point. Can’t go wrong!

Anytime a new game system comes out it is the apple of many people’s eye. Both Microsoft (XBox) and Sony (Playstation) are putting out new models. There are some pros and cons to each and whether you’ll be able to play legacy games is a factor, but never fear! Our good friends at MakeUseOf did a couple articles on the Xbox One vs PS4 and Ps4 vs Xbox One. f you can’t afford or aren’t a fan of the changes for the new systems, older systems should be seeing price drops as the new models come out so you can score a great deal!

It’s almost football season!! This means two things – a new TV or sound system is in order AND it’s time to see if you can get tickets to a single game for your Dad’s favorite team! If Dad has been fighting getting rid of that floor model TV that came out the year you were born, he’d be glad to know this is the time of year when last year’s televisions are on sale. Shop around and get a good deal on that 1080p HD television! It is also the middle of baseball season, so you could snag some tickets and get to watching a good game and have some great conversation during that 7th inning stretch while enjoying a good dawg and a beverage. So many sports, so little time!

Some pretty awesome movies are out this summer. Man of Steel, Monsters University, Despicable Me 2, The Lone Ranger…need we go on? Get your pops a Fandango gift card so he can catch all the sweet movies. Is he more of a homey movie watching guy? Make sure he has access to all the streaming services or a local movie store and send him a box of movie watching goodies. He’ll be thanking you for the personal touch!

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Got an outdoorsy dad? What about going on a hike or gifting him some cool items for his outdoor adventure? Play on a softball team with him or rent a dual kayak. Relive old experiences of fishing with him and make sure to capture the moment with a cool digital camera. Give him a digital photo frame and then you’ll be able to give him lots of memories to think about while you’re apart.

Speaking of reliving memories, what about a cool vacation? It doesn’t have to be really long and it doesn’t have to be too far from home, but a vacation or staycation could be exactly what is in order for the summer. Take a scenic rail trip, visit a local museum, go watch cheese being made, or do something totally different that you’ve never done before. Be adventurous!

While these are just a couple ideas, there are so many things you can do to celebrate Dad (or Mom for that matter). The best part is just to enjoy folks while you’ve got em! Do you have any ideas of how to celebrate your Dad all summer? Share them with us in the comments!

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