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Posted 06 May 2012 in Featured

Chenille flowersMother’s Day is just around the corner and not everyone has gotten something super duper amazing…yet. Everything you give your mom is always super amazing since it’s from you. It doesn’t have to be expensive, it doesn’t require a lot of time and it only has to be good enough to keep her wondering what you’ll do next year. We put together a list of things you can do in the next week to get ready for May 13.

1) Make a photo album. Sounds cheesy and most moms have a million pictures of their kids already, but if you have family photos you think your mom would like or if you have photos you took that you think she’d like (people or not people), put them in an album. If you don’t have a photo printer and don’t want to get a cheap one to do it yourself, you can use photo printing services at your local drugstore, shopping store (like Walmart or Target), or an online service. Don’t just stick with 4×6 photos – make them as big as you want. Another option is to pick the coolest photo you have and see if you can get it printed as a poster. Mount it and frame it and bam!

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2) If your mom never pampers herself, get her a gift certificate to a local nail shop that does mani/pedi services or a spa where she can get full body massage, nails, the works. Give her the certificate and maybe grab one for yourself so you spend time together that day. Livingsocial and Google Offers are places to start looking if you’re looking for a deal.

3) Bake for her – If your mom likes sweets (even if diabetic friendly ones), try making her something. Store bought is so passe’. Don’t just stick to cookies, try a cake or a cheesecake for a change. If you want to bring back good times, make a cake that an older family member used to make and do your best rendition.

4) If your mom is an outdoor buff, how about a park pass? National park passes are good for a year and some states have state park passes. Some money goes to help the park and it covers parking or admission at the parks. There are also several fee free days, so why not plan a picnic for one and invite her with you? A great way for everyone in the family to be together!

5) Is your mom a tech savvy mom? Get her something neat to play with. A new smartphone, a new laptop, a new desktop, a docking station, a new monitor (no offense but bigger is better!), a portable GPS for hiking or camping, a GPS unit or smartphone accessories to use GPS in the car, the newest game system (plus extra controllers!), a new hi-tech sewing machine or serger, etc. So many options to meet what she’ll want to play with. You don’t have cash to buy tech items? Make a “gift” by drawing or printing out the tech surprise you would give her and wrap it up.

6) Is your mom crafty? Depending on her craft, there are always things that need buying. Needles, thread, bobbins, quilt patterns, clothes patterns, saw blades, drill bits, yarn, the list goes on and on. Don’t pick one out for her unless you know what she wants. Give her a gift card to a place she can pick things up (local shops are a great option) or earmark some cash and go with her. Make an item for her. If you want to do a scrapbook for her or liked the photo album but want to put a personal touch on it, you can do that with few dollars and a few hours. If craft beer is her thing, here’s a place for ideas.

7) Does she like to read? Buy her books she wants or if she’s been eying an e-reader, grab one for her. Give her a gift card to her favorite bookstore (if it has a cafe, don’t forget some extra for that too!). Give her a cool new bookmark. Make her a bookmark. If you know how to sew, cross stitch a really cool one and laminate it. Plan a library day or get her a book light. Even with an e-reader, you never can have enough book lights.

8 ) New kitchen items – Especially if she’s been mom-ming it for a while (or just kicked all the kids out the house), what mom wouldn’t want some cool new kitchen tools? Think about items that make being in the kitchen easier or things that can fit smaller meals since she might be cooking for fewer people. Take a couple items from your own kitchen you know she admires and you never use. It is “new” to her. Give her some money toward a new set of pots and pans or a gift card to her favorite restaurant – who said the newest edition to the kitchen can’t be take-out menus?

9) Does your mom like trains? May 12 is National Train Day and there are events all over the place. Find one near you or at least find a scenic train or a train museum near her and give her an “all aboard” package including admission to some train activities, maybe a train trinket, a model train set, a train mug or something else similar.

10) Is your mom service oriented? Pick some interesting service projects and sign both of you up. Make up your own service project. Set a challenge to see who can do the best job of cleaning out your house and donating items to charity.

11) Does your mom need something fixed around the house? That set of dressers she’s been meaning to refinish or hanging the photos she’s always been meaning to hang could always use your help. That faucet in the kitchen that always drips? Yep, you got it. Fix it! There has to be a list. Get it and pick a couple things you know you could do or learn how to do on youtube then do them.

12) Just spend time with her. Especially if you don’t live nearby, take this time to spend time with your mom in person or via Skype. Even video chat via Google Talk. Something. The point of the day is to show her you care and letting her know that doesn’t cost more than the words out of your mouth :)

What are you planning on doing for Mother’s Day this year? Let us know if any of these ideas work for you!

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  1. Hunter

    Thanks for the great gift ideas. I guess my mom would fall under the crafty tech savvy kitchen mom category. We got her an iPad for Christmas and it seems like she’s already downloaded over a million apps. This year we are going to give her away to watch all of her favorite craft and cooking shows on that iPad. A coworker from Dish suggested that I get her a Sling Adapter to hook up to her DVR. It will stream her live TV channels and DVR recordings to her iPad whenever she wants. I can’t wait until she tries out some of the great looking recipes she has saved on the DVR.