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Send Us Something!!!

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Posted 14 Apr 2012 — by HarriMac
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We’re so excited it’s the middle of April already!!! We’d also love to be excited about what you send us! We’re doing a slight play on our normal send us something where you send us something via postal mail. Instead, we’d like you to take a picture of something really awesome and email it to us. We’ll compile all the submissions and write about them the first week of June so feel free to make submissions until JUNE 1, 2012.

Send us:

Photos of you on public transit

Photos of your local public transit

Photos of cool maps

Hey HarriMac! What podcasts are you listening to?!

Posted 02 Mar 2012 — by HarriMac
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Media gets many of us through our days. Whether it’s music, videos, news, or podcasts of all three, something has to come out when you hit play. This is HarriMac’s current podcast list. Most are available directly through iTunes if that’s your player of choice (or force). Otherwise you can Google or Yahoo! or whatever you use to find the URL to import to a player. A few have been discontinued but I have kept copies of old podcasts such as Stu Huck’s Jazz on a Thursday Night podcast. The radio show still exists but they no longer produce it for podcasts. It was a fave of Ellie!

Hello Ultimate Geek Girl readers!

Posted 13 Nov 2010 — by HarriMac
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Hi ya’ll!! *Waves* If you aren’t familiar with me, I am HarriMac, sister of blog owner and primary author Ellie. You may have noticed there haven’t been any updates to the blog for a while. Well, there’s a reason, albeit a sad one –

30 days has moved!

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Posted 19 Aug 2010 — by Ellie
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I’m trying to get my focus back here, so I moved the 30 days of letter writing to my Tumblr, which can be found at! See you there!

5 Ways to Have a Great Day

Posted 09 Aug 2010 — by Ellie
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It is easy to get bogged down with our problems and concerns… and forget to be happy. Even when everyone else is frowning, I smile. There are tons of reasons why, but I’m going to tell you five ways to have a great day and feel better about yourself. Even for the biggest pessimist, they should warm your heart and make your steps a little lighter!

1. You woke up. No matter how bad things are, you woke up this morning! This is a great accomplishment. So many people – young, old, infirm, healthy – did not wake up this morning. Families around the world wish their loved ones were with them for one more day. So enjoy these precious moments.

Day 12 – The person that caused you a lot of pain

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Posted 30 Jul 2010 — by Ellie
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Dear X,

I forgive you.

Day 11 – A Deceased person you wish you could talk to

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Posted 29 Jul 2010 — by Ellie
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Dear Jesus,

Yeah, I’m writing you. I want to talk to you and find out if you really meant for us to be doing all of the things we are doing, if you ever intended on leaving Judaism and forming your own religion and more. What was life like back then? Do you know that we count time based on your death? Were you married? Did you look like me?

I really want to know the real Jesus – the person behind the stories, religion and myth. The man who has changed the world for better or worse.

Day 10 – Someone you don’t talk to as much as you’d like to

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Posted 29 Jul 2010 — by Ellie
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This one was an easy one!

Dear A,

We don’t talk as much as we should. I remember a few years ago when we would stay up half the night talking, laughing, debating and just enjoying each others’ company. Then, life changed for both of us, and we don’t talk as much anymore. Now things have changed again, so maybe we’ll rekindle our friendship and pick things up where we left off!

I miss your constant questioning of “Why” and “How” and the sound of your laugh.


Day 9 – Someone you wish to meet

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Posted 26 Jul 2010 — by Ellie
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Dear Barack Obama,

I would love to meet you because you have shown great resilience and a calm demeanor unseen in ages. I want to emulate your behavior the more I see you and hear about the things that you’re doing to improve America. I don’t always agree with your methods or the things you’re doing, but I admire you for sticking with your promises to yourself and country.

I’d love to talk with you about what it was like as a Senator versus President, how your family is faring in Washington and what goals you’d like to complete through the rest of your term.