Tips to get more out of your WordPress blog

WordPress WednesdaysThere are many ways to get more out of your WordPress blog. For example, we’ve covered WordPress themes, WordPress plugins to use, tagging and more.

Here are a few more tips to help you get more out of your WordPress blog – from traffic, post ideas and functionality!

  1. Share the link love. Don’t hesitate to do “link roundup” posts. Save them for the weekend or a “not so busy” day on your blog, so these posts don’t scream, “I ran out of topics to write about!” ๐Ÿ˜† Instead, use these posts as an opportunity to provide additional resources for your readers. Creating resource or link roundups will further the impression of you, the blogger, as an authority on a topic – and increase the credibility of your blog! If you write a post that is inspired by a post from another site, link back to the inspiration post! It shows goodwill AND increases your chances of getting traffic via trackbacks.
  2. Publish a full feed instead of a partial feed. WordPress does not natively publish full feeds if you use the “more” (<!-- more -->) code in your posts. A quick and painless way to ensure your RSS subscribers (or potential subscribers โ— ) get your full feed is to install and use Full Text Feed, a WordPress plugin that prevents the “more” code from being recognized in your RSS feeds. I use this plugin here, and it works perfectly!
  3. Consider approaching newspapers with a story about your blog. Remember, journalists are hungry for content and if you can come up with a unique twist, then you could get some great coverage. I just read a novel which had the main character blogging about her “list of things to do before I’m 30.” A journalist found out about it and the next thing you know, people were approaching her in the street, remarking on how much they LOVE her blog and writing style! While this was fiction, this story can become reality for you! Blogging is a really hot topic, and journalists want to stay on top of current trends. Do you have a blog about a specific topic or a series that ROCKS? Contact a journalist, even in the smaller local or regional newspapers, and pitch a story to them.
  4. Don’t forget: Persistence is the key. I’ve had some setbacks while blogging – including loosing my archives to a twitchy finger, gaining a Google PageRank of 4 and watching it drop to ZERO, but I never give up. I know that with patience and persistence, I can increase my readership, traffic and most important of all, the quality of my writing!
  5. Submit exclusive content to high-profile sites. Submitting original posts to high-profile sites can lead to more traffic and more RSS readers. Perhaps the most popular way of submitting content is to guest blog on someone else’s blog. It’s best to catch a site owner while they are actively seeking a guest writer or you know your content would be a good fit for their site. Of course, write and submit your best content to the blog’s you’d like to write for – and let your work speak for itself. However, don’t just send articles all willy-nilly; send articles that you’ve written for your blog and let the author know that you are available to write. At first, you may want to guest blog for free, but feel free to charge for your services. Do a little research and find out the going rates in your industry, so you do not overprice or underprice yourself.
  6. Syndicate a press release. Press releases are a time proven method of getting information in the hands of those who need it! You can send press releases to media, other bloggers or even your readers; and let it go viral! Imagine that you send your press release to 10 people, and those 10 people share it with 5 people, and those people share it with 5 more people, soon, you could have hundreds, if not thousands of potential new readers and visitors!

This post covers steps 34-40 of 101 Steps to Becoming a Better Blogger.

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