Submit your blog to RSS and blog directories: Step #10

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Posted 29 Aug 2007 in Better Blogger

Step #10 in the 101 Steps to Becoming a Better Blogger is a biggie:

Submit your blog to rss and blog directories.

I am a member of several directories, though I am not 100% convinced of their reliability for generating traffic for my site. It seems as if you are only on top as long as no one else is submitting their site! Because thepinkc currently doesn’t fit a particular niche, it is difficult to categorize my site well on a directory.

One blog directory that has gotten a lot of positive feedback from other bloggers is the Alive Blog Directory. This directory features a dedicated blog directory, including the option for deep linking! Since I’d love to get more feedback on my pillar posts, perhaps this would be an option that would work for thepinkc in the future. This site is not totally free, like some other blog directories, but the deep linking alone seems to make it worth the sign up fees.

The Alive Blog Directory is also relatively new, so if you get in now, you are pretty much guaranteed some special attention! There are over a dozen categories, so even those who are niche challenged like me may be able to find a spot to submit their links.

The deep linking feature makes it easy for the niche challenged to find a place to submit their blogs, too. If you have a great post on technology, post it in technology! But if you also have a great post on politics or current events, you can post those links there, too.

As I continue to narrow my niche, I should be able to use blog directories more effectively if I choose to do so. ❗

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