Quickly check your PageRank, backlinks and much more

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Posted 16 Aug 2007 in Better Blogger

Check your PageRank, backlinks and much more with Xinu! This tool is pretty handy, and even provided some valuable feedback to me – such as how many people are subscribed via Bloglines and how many backlinks I have!

If you are blogger or website owner and want more feedback on how your site fares online – check out Xinu!

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  1. The website you published has a lot of errors so the results are not 100% accurate. I am working on this project and have debugged hundreds of errors on my website. Have a look at http://www.5ment.com and compare the results. You will see.

    • This seems pretty solid, Micro. I do wonder how my site ends up tracked to the UK when my server is here in the US.