Lesson learned: Why backing up your blog data is so important

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Posted 09 Aug 2007 in Better Blogger

I never really talked about why you only have access to a few months of archives on my blog, versus the years and years of posts I had written.

Well, it starts with me sitting in my Program Evaluation class this past spring. Yes, in class. I decided to upgrade WordPress while I was in class, because it became glaringly obvious to me that the professor’s lecture was going over my head like cars over bridges.

I misread the instructions (this was my first WordPress upgrade) and deleted my ENTIRE blog before I upgraded. Go me – ex-tech support agent, ex-tech business owner! :sad:

So, I ended up losing everything. I was so hurt. I couldn’t even think about what to do next, because like many bloggers, I did not back up my blog. I always said, “I’ll get around to it,” but I never did.

My options are quite limited, as my host was unable to provide me a backup. I might not ever be able to find my old posts and comments in the recesses of Google’s databases, which will be a daunting task when you are talking about years of old content.

The moral of the story is: BACK UP YOUR BLOG DATA! It may seem to be an annoyance, but it is worth the hassle – your content is priceless!

There are many backup options out there – you should chose the one that best fits your blog’s needs and your comfort level with technology. One of the biggest turnoffs when it comes to backing up your blog is the complexity of the programs and/or their operation.

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  1. What kind of provider cannot give you a rollback or restore? That’s what they did when my website got bamboozeld thanks to hackers. At least I only lost the most recent posts, which showed up a few days later in Google.

    And: your template is 100% ok again, see, you truly are the expert :-)

  2. Honestly, I never thought of getting a backup until 2 days later. I was so depressed I spent 2 days in bed. :sad: