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Posted 16 Aug 2007 in Better Blogger

I got an interesting request today from Feve, an American blogger who now lives in Chengdu, China and authors a work at home blog. He is searching for Chengdu, China blogs and bloggers!

While I don’t know anyone in Chengdu, China (but I’d love to visit!), I can offer Feve some advice about finding blogs related to yours.

  1. Visit the websites of people who comment on your blog – often, they share similar interests or experiences.
  2. Visit the websites of the people who comment on your visitors’ blogs! Again, they may share similar interests and experiences. Keep doing this until you feel like you’ve had some success. Typically, I do this every 3-6 months.
  3. List your blog URL on social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace, MyBlogLog. Be sure to leave enough identifying information so that other users can find your profile and blog!
  4. Join forums and make a “Looking for…” post. Trade links with anyone who responds who is in your area of interest or geographical area!
  5. Host a blog carnival. Blog carnivals are a good way to get people writing about a particular topic – and of course, this heightens your chance of being indexed by Google and finding like-minded people!
  6. Talk with people in your niche in ‘real life.’ You’d be amazed at how many people are closet bloggers! Drop hints in a conversation that you are a blogger and what you blog about. And see the magic happen!
  7. Use Google Blog Search to search for key terms related to your blog and to find sites that have linked to yours.

I hope these tips help, and of course, if you have any additional tips, let’s hear them in the comments!

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  1. Technorati search is also another good way to find bloggers in your niche. I have a huge list of RSS feeds that I read often, that is how I keep track of other bloggers.


    • Great suggestion! Technorati is a great resource for finding blog post ideas, too!

  2. thanks for everything, i really appreciate it. i opened Feve’s Blog July 26 with a PR4 after experimenting with some linking tactics. i had operated a blogspot blog and bought up my domain early and started linking to it, before moving the blog. that’s how that worked out.

    your advice is nice and solid, but in regards to #5 i’ve never had a carnival. in fact, i’m not really too sure what they are, so you’ve inspired me to research it and test it out.

    thanks alot, i’m off to explore your blog now.

    best wishes

    • Here’s info on a blog carnival. I’ve never participated in them, but it is a good way to have a group of people blogging about the same thing. For example, you could start one about Americans living in China. Each week could have a theme, and you’d be able to share and enjoy others’ posts about whatever your theme is that week. 😀

      I hope to have a PR4 one day! I’ll be keeping my eyes open to see how far you go with this upcoming PR update!

      Best wishes to you, and I hope to see you around!

  3. yeah, my blog is a PR4 now, but once i started Google Analytics on my site Google finally had something to crawl and then they sand-boxed me.

    so, i am just as interested to see what happens to me during the next update too. i’m thinking i might have sent up some flags at Google, but i won’t know how the entire thing plays out until the next update.

    thanks for the carnival info, i’ll be sure to explore that an post my findings.

    • Google Analytics is on my list of things to do with this site. Is it easy to use???