How I improved my PR to 4 then saw it drop to 0

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Posted 26 Nov 2007 in Better Blogger

I’ve had a really hard time composing this post, mainly because I’ve debated about who I should be mad at – if anyone; those who gave me advice that seems to have backfired, those who introduced me to PayPerPost and other paid blogging schemes or myself, for listening to them.

Then, I got sick and have spent the entire weekend in bed, which gave me plenty of time to think about what happened and what to do next with my blog.

There’s only one reason that I think contributed to my drop in PageRank:

Google’s desire to stop anyone from using advertising methods other than AdSense and AdWords. If you have used either, you know that only high traffic sites will have an opportunity to make more than $5 a month with these methods, versus hundreds or thousands of dollars with paid blogging or advertising methods via TextLinkAds or personal advertising.

I have tried from day 1 to integrate my paid posts and advertising into my blog, to ensure that my posts and blog design run seamlessly. I even declined many offers for paid posts or ads, just so I could maintain the integrity of my blog. I did all of the “right” things: disclosure badges, disclosure statements and even posts talking about the pros and cons of paid blogging and advertising.

I’m sure none of you know that if it weren’t for paid blogging this year, I would have ended up homeless. But, long gone are the days of earning money from my blog, which I feel is my right, because advertisers want to spend their money on sites with PageRank – which I no longer have! 👿

What is the point in investing money in blogging if you can’t make a return on investment? Yes, I like blogging, but I also like the affirmation of earning money for doing research and investing time in writing thoughtful, insightful and well-written posts that will generate traffic and buzz.

One of the biggest changes that you’ll see here is no more paid posts and no advertisements. The buttons in the sidebar will remain, but they are links to blogs I like and affiliate programs that I want to promote.

The second big change is that every link now has a rel="nofollow". Since there is speculation that Google is penalizing entire sites for just a few sponsored posts, it is my stance that I should stop sharing “link juice” with all sites, just to be on the safe side. I won’t stop linking to external sites, but now I am using “link condoms”, to help protect the PageRank of other sites and hopefully, gain my PageRank back.

I’m disappointed that I’ve lost this income, but I am sure that since I’m sending my resume out, I’ll find a new job soon. Hopefully, I’ll have time to blog once I get my new job, though! ❗

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  1. I for one say C’est la vie… I don’t care if Google take away the page rank, I’ll continue to do paid posts ’til there’s none left… Google have just targeted all types of blogs, and at the end of the day, Pagerank is theirs to do as they please with. What they haven’t appreciated is that a lot of webmasters have blogs they use to bring PR to their sites, if they annoy enough webmasters, and they start saying ‘screw pagerank’… Google risk messing their own nest. Google owns pagerank, not the internet!

    • That’s a good attitude, Jay. I guess I just feel totally pessimistic at this point because I won’t be able to make any money – a lot of the opps are gone and my blog has even been removed from databases on some of my favorite sites because of my drop in PageRank.

  2. Keep at it, I have been up and down like a yo-yo (3 to 2 to 4 to 0) this year so I have learned to just get on with doing what I do. Blogsvertise were still offering $10 opps even when I dropped PR, smorty have gone quiet and I only seem to get $5 opps at PPP, because my traffic is not that great. I think we might find that the worst paid bloggers will slope off and the ‘cream’ will be left still blogging, the PR balance will change and the opps will come back. It is in PPP’s interest to find a solution to this problem – I’m just glad I made my $300 target this month before the gravy train ran out….
    My monthly summary post is going to write itself this month… I spotted you have tagged me with the desktop theme… I will try to remember to do it later today from my home PC- I’m just trying to decide which desktop to show people…
    I suppose if the blogging community wanted to splap google back they could all remove adsense off their blogs (leaving the blogs with no monetisation at all!!)
    How about this for an idea… a Google Adsense strike for a month… if all paid bloggers removed adsense for a month – I wonder how much Google would suffer as a consequence – after all we are Google customers too…

    • I didn’t make my target in October or November, which really had a lot to do with my time constraints and personal obligations.

      The main problem with RealRank is that it is still optional for advertisers, and many of them are still fixated on PageRank! Since I am now using “NO FOLLOW” on EVERY link, I can’t use paid-to-blog programs anymore – which is okay, because I’m going to get a “real” job!

      I’ve never used Adsense, because I don’t get traffic enough to generate the clicks you need for a payout. :)

  3. I have adsense on my proper website, and just use it on blogs to get to payout a bit quicker – still takes months to earn $100…
    Best of luck with getting the job… :smile:

  4. Just stopped in via your review at “Untwisted Vortex” and wanted to say that I sympathize and empathize with your drop in Page Rank as I have suffered the very same fate. I am still on the fence, though, as far as what to do about my side job of paid posts. I’ve made some decent money since starting to do paid ads in September and it hurts to see that all dry up and blow away because Google decided to start taking on the role of Ebenezer Scrooge.

    I guess my biggest dilemma is that the only reason I would give two hoots about getting my PR4 back is so that I could get better paying opps again but if I put the “link condoms” in then I’m violating the TOS of PPP, Blogvertise, etc. Why pay me for links that don’t work? And why care about my PR if it’s only to get back advertisers that I don’t allow links to? It’s a Catch 22 so I just don’t know. I haven’t done any PPP in the last few days because the opps are pretty pathetic and RealRank really isn’t doing anything yet but I have my fingers crossed that things will turn around at some point in time. If not, well … it was a good ride while it lasted!

    Good luck to you in getting your PR back – don’t forget to go and ask Google on bended knee to restore it for you!

    • Thanks for dropping by, Linda! 😀

      PPP has totally given me the *wave* goodbye – the available posts there SUCK really bad, and I just can’t do it to myself. :) I guess we’ll just have to get real jobs or find new ways to make money online! ❗

  5. my pagerank turn from 3 to 0.
    Im so sad. And i did not even earn a lot from paidpost or my textlink.
    Just small little pocket money. maybe 100usd in total!! im really sad cos i just followed the “blogger gurus” and have no idea what i got myself into.
    So how do i get back my pagerank?!

    • The only solution I’ve heard of is to contact Google via the Webmaster Tools and ask for a review; this means that you have to admit wrong doing, but at least they’ll help you out. Good luck!

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