How I improved my PageRank from 3 to 4

Posted 31 Oct 2007 in Better Blogger

Since earlier this year, I’ve been following a lot of advice from fellow bloggers and even a blog consultant, Adnan to find out how to improve thepinkc. This has meant a minor investment in money, and a major investment in time and patience, but I am pleased with the results.

Some of the Google PageRank estimators said I’d increase from 3 to 5, but as of tonight, I’m holding steady at a respectable 4.

I’m not sure what this change in PageRank will mean in the short term, but in the long term, it proves that some bloggers know what they are talking about!

There are 5 things that I think were most important and instrumental in improving my Google PageRank:

  1. I never gave up. Blogging is something I try to do every day, and I’m always looking for new and fresh ideas. Even when my traffic was nonexistent, I never stopped blogging! Even when people sent me ideas complaining about my site, I never gave up. Instead, I kept working to improve my writing, improve my posts and perfect my craft!
  2. Money is not my motivator! Some of the loudest complainers about their drops in PageRank are bloggers who have boasted about their online earnings and HOW they make their money online. My point in blogging is NOT to make money, but instead to share information about things I enjoy!
  3. Patience. Again, you can put in 20 hours a day on your blog, but if you are impatient to see results, you won’t get them! You have to just “go with the flow” and let things naturally take their course. Did you know that I’ve had this domain for 5 years or so, and I’ve held steady at PageRank 3 for the last year?
  4. Research. Every blogger and their mama has advice on how to build a successful blog, but it is up to you to research various methods and ideas for building a successful blog and implement them! Don’t just take Joe Blogger’s word that he generated 1,000,000 visitors by using certain keywords – try it for yourself! Try any ideas and methods, within reason, but don’t go overboard. Too many changes can leave your readers confused, upset and even disappointed! Don’t be afraid to reject mainstream ideas and come up with your own!
  5. Make a plan and implement it. You can’t become a successful blogger by just working at it haphazardly. Come up with a plan! I have a “blogging notebook” where I WRITE ideas for posts, contests , graphics, designs, etc., as well as a blogging folder on my browser, where I keep up with trends and ideas in the blogosphere. I add ideas from other bloggers to my plan, and modify them to meet MY site’s mission – to share ideas and have a good time!

These tips may not work for you, or they might, but the most important thing is to remember that blogging may be a job for you, or even a supplemental income, but it is not worth loosing sleep over! 💡

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  1. I think that’s some great advice there.

    In regards to #1 and #2 – never give up, but also don’t start with your only goal being making money…

    So many people start blogging because they want to make money with it, so they choose a niche that looks like it might make some money and they go for it. Then, when it gets hard, they go on to other things. The key is to choose something that you absolutely could write at least 100 words on every single day.

    • I totally agree! You should write about what you are passionate about. As I became disenchanted with current events and celebs, I focused more on technology and lifestyle type things, which I enjoy more!

      Blogging is hard work, and often, the effort you put into it is NOT equal to the response you get back – but you just have to stick with it!

  2. One of the best method to increase your traffic and pagerank is to post comments and guest posts in other blogs.

    • That’s also a great tip! I forgot all about that one. 😳

      Speaking of comments, I’m unable to post comments to your site using Firefox I’m not sure if it is temporary or not, but I’ll try again later!

  3. Zone from

    I’m looking for info on increasing pagerank and I intend to do everything I can to maximize it. Also, I am soliciting bids from consultants (like BlogLouder”), but right now I don’t see any ranking info for your site in my Google Toolbar. 😯 ❓ My main site is a 3 without any advertising, and I haven’t started working on my blogs SEO yet so it is unranked.

    • Well, thanks to the Google Smackdown, I went from 3 to 4, then down to 2, then O. I’m working on a blog entry about it, but I have been under the weather. Stay tuned.

  4. I went from 3 to 2 to 4 to 0 this year so I know how it feels :sad: ….

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