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Posted 02 Mar 2008 in Better Blogger

There are lots of ways to get more readers, but here are 12 really good tips, for novice to experienced bloggers.Entertainment

  1. Turn your articles into videos using PowerPoint to create an entertaining slideshow. Submit your video to all of the popular video sites, including Google Video, YouTube, and others. Video is increasingly popular with internet users, especially teenagers and young adults. What better way to capture their readership by posting a great viral video on YouTube?
  2. Submit to blog carnivals. Blog carnivals can be a fun way to meet other bloggers in your areas of interest. Be careful to stick with topics that fit your blog – the last thing you want is to lose readers by writing about totally unrelated topics or losing your personal touch when it comes to writing in a carnival.
  3. Participate in and submit to social web 2.0 sites, including Reddit, Digg, Delicious, Netscape, and Stumble Upon. Digg and StumbleUpon can be extremely helpful in gaining new readers, but don’t submit your own articles! Encourage your visitors to submit your articles if they enjoy them.
  4. Turn your articles into downloadable reports/ebooks. Everyone loves ebooks and downloadable reports! What better way to capture new readers than to create a ebook of your best posts? There are several ways to do this, from the old fashioned copy-paste-print as .pdf to using a program like LaTeX!
  5. Join Blogburst, which is a syndication service that places blogs on top-tier online destinations, such as CNN, MSNBC and more. Who doesn’t want to get quoted by one of the CNN Anchors and get thousands of hits?
  6. Syndicate your articles to EzineArticles, GoArticles, iSnare, American Chronicle, and other high-profile article directories. Syndicating your articles is another way to generate traffic. If someone enjoyed your article or found it informative, they are probably going to at least visit your blog – and as long as you have been writing quality content on your blog, also, you should be able to convert them into a regular reader or subscriber! Note that you can’t recycle content from your blog to these sites, so put your thinking cap on and write some fresh, new content and submit it!Learning
  7. Exchange guest posts with other bloggers. One of the best things I did in 2007 was guest blog on a few sites – believe it or not, I got a lot of fresh visitors and I was able to increase my profile in the blogosphere. Contact some of your blogging buddies or bloggers who write about the same topics you do, and see if you can work out an exchange. Why not even offer to pay the other blogger for an article placement? The traffic you’ll generate will be worth it, in my humble opinion!
  8. Participate in group writing projects and memes. I’m on the fence with this one, because it really depends on what your blog’s niche is as to whether or not memes can be a good way to generate buzz, but group writing projects do have some benefits. Why not partner with a couple of other writers and create a weekly series or write an ebook?
  9. Create a Squidoo lens that links back to your blog and established you as an industry expert in your chosen field. This tip is pretty self-explanatory. Utilize the internet to enforce your authority as a blogger on a particular topic. Those who want an “expert” will find you – which generates more traffic and readers!
  10. Interview industry experts. This is one of the best ways to create original, engaging content, if done properly. Ask engaging, yet open ended questions. Don’t hesitate to record your interview and transcribe later. Read “Twenty-five Steps to a Good Interview” for more tips.
  11. Offer an e-mail newsletter in addition to RSS. Email newsletters, like those from FeedBurner or FeedBlitz, can be incredibly helpful when you are dealing with people who do not or cannot use RSS. Amit over at Digital Inspiration has a great article about why to choose FeedBlitz over Feedburner for email newsletters.Help Wanted
  12. Ask your visitors for suggestions on how to improve your website’s content because in the end, it’s really all about your readers. Occasionally, I ask for feedback from my readers, but I love hearing from readers all of the time. A quick email to me about a broken link or a feature they’d like to see really helps me target my audience a lot more AND continue to get new readers.

This post covers steps 42-53 of 101 Steps to Becoming a Better Blogger.

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  1. I’ve found that making quality comments on related blogs works well too.

    Not that this would get me any readers.

    • That’s a good suggestion, too! I think it is good to comment on related blogs – but sometimes it can be discouraging to me when no one ever responds! 😆