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Posted 07 Sep 2007 in Better Blogger


This is Step #15 in the 101 Steps to Becoming a Better Blogger.

Add a large RSS subscription button to your site.

“Large” RSS subscription buttons are kind of annoying to me. On some blogs, they fit in and seem to flow well with the theme, but thepinkc’s current theme doesn’t really lend itself to a large 125px by 125px RSS button! I do have a 28px by 28px button in the sidebar, as well as smaller buttons in the sidebar and the footer and at the bottom of every post.

Is there any research that really proves that a “large” RSS subscription button increases the number of subscribers? I think if people really like your content, they’ll subscribe, no matter how large your button is!

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  1. Yesterday I spent a few hours blog hopping and subscribing to different ones. The amount of blogs I saw WITHOUT a RSS button or link, was disturbing. I can’t understand why someone wouldn’t have a link somewhere for their feeds. I’d rather have a large button than none at all. I personally prefer the 28px x 28px one. It’s seems a good size to attract visitors to subscribe without overtaking your sidebar.

    • That’s amazing, Tina! I am a lazy blogger, so I just click on the RSS button in the Firefox address bar, instead of clicking on the link.

      I’m amazed at the # of people who use Feedburner. I like having separate RSS for every category, so Feedburner would be a little more complicated to run.

      Do you use Google Reader? I’m in the process of switching back to Bloglines. The updates to Google Reader have it running really slow. :(

  2. Ellie, please teach me how to get an RSS on a single category? Me no can find on the net :-(

    • Try this snippet of code. I found it on the WordPress Codex, but it took a while :)

      < ?php wp_list_categories('orderby=name&style=list&show_count=0&feed=RSS&hierarchical=0&title_li='); ?>

  3. Hi Ellie :-)

    That’s a nifty code :-) Had to add a / before the word feed to get the real feed, now trying it out in Mybloglog (I guess they have a cache)

    Thanks! That’s why you are Geek Girl!!!!