Use WordPress!: Step #1

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Posted 18 Aug 2007 in Better Blogger

This is Step #1 in the 101 Steps to Becoming a Better Blogger.

First, I’m going to assume you’re using WordPress. You are using WordPress aren’t you? The built-in SEO and pinging functions make WordPress a search engine machine.

Yes, I use WordPress. I find that its flexibility and customization provide the exact measure of control that I need over my blog. I’ve had to add the SEO Title Tag plugin in order to get the SEO functions just right.

I read on Make Money Online Free With Court that using timestamps along with pinging can result in you not getting the traffic you should. I am testing this out currently, as I am running a series that is timestamped. I want to be sure that my posts are being picked up by the search engines. I put a lot of effort into the Back to School series!

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  1. Hi pinkc,

    how did your test go with it. Is the problem still there. Some people on the net saying it is not an issue since 2.1 but some other say it is. 😕



    • My new posts that were pre-written appeared in RSS when they were supposed to. BUT I did not see my new posts get the same attention or pinged as quickly as those that were written then published.

      I have no idea what to think except perhaps 2.3 will fix it?