101 Steps: #6-8

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Posted 26 Aug 2007 in Better Blogger

Step #6 in the 101 Steps to Becoming a Better Blogger.

Submit your blog to 9Rules.

I’m skipping this step, as 9Rules is not currently accepting new blogs.

Step #7:

Submit your blog to NewsNow.

Done. 😀

Step #8:

Let your readers see the REAL you. Blogging is more personal than conventional websites. Don’t be afraid to tell a few stories from your own life. By being real and personal, you will build a relationship with your readers based on loyalty and trust.

I try to let my personality shine through my blogging. I hope that my readers love my posts and we begin to build stronger relationships and friendships. :smile: As of late, I’ve included a few stories about my life in my blog, and hope to insert a few more here and there in the future!

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