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Posted 15 Sep 2013 in Back to School

We love to play with apps and utilize them for being more productive. We also love to share what we think about them with you. Today we have about 25 apps that are perfect for students, teachers and parents to keep track of everything and help you through the school year. We’ll recap a couple we’ve covered here before (new features!) and bring in a few we haven’t covered before to bring you what we consider the best of. If you want more productivity apps or other great apps in general, feel free to go back through our archives. Enjoy!

studyblueStudyBlue – Ever wanted digital notecards for a class? Ever wanted to share those with someone else or even a whole class? StudyBlue is a pretty neat way to do this. Make your notecards and keep them private or share them. Teachers have tools here that can let them keep track of student progress and parents could in the same way keep track of their child’s progress (think homeschooling). You can use the app or the web application for creating and keeping up with notecards. And you can sync your cards to Evernote. Download for Android and iOS.

Songza – Everyone needs music but this helps you find study music, gym music, play music, party music, etc. Songza delivers music that is appropriate for a time of day or a situation. Recently updated, it has a pretty good catalog and you can choose the types of music you hear. Mobile alternatives include Pandora, but Pandora doesn’t let you pick by time of day or situation, just a type of music. Download for iOS or Android today.


Ness – A new way to find food near you! We like this app for its the clean interface and ease of use. You can name favorites and add restaurants to lists such as ones you would like to try. It has several of the same features as past favorites of ours such as Urbanspoon. There is no reason we don’t think you’d like this one. We actually found restaurants we couldn’t find with Urbanspoon. Go figure! Download for iOS today.

Evernote – We are devoted users of Evernote here at ThePinkC. It is a great tool for keeping track of your life with notes and shared information. You can use it for sharing information with your classmates, other parents, or your class with the shared notebook feature. You can use the WebClipper in a browser to send information or links directly to Evernote for safekeeping (alternative for bookmarks, anyone?) or for future use (you can clip in the Android Dolphin browser or Everclip on iOS or Android). Did you take notes in class and want to keep up with them? Snap a photo and put them in a notebook for future use. If you have an Evernote Moleskine notebook, the information is searchable just like typed text. Have an iPad? Use Penultimate and handwrite your notes. The info is saved into your Evernote account. Want to draw or annotate a photo? Use Skitch for Android or iOS and save your info into Evernote. Now we do wish Evernote would do the same updates for Mac and Android as it did for Windows and iOS. Penultimate on Android or the iPhone would be fantastic! But for now, there are few alternatives still as good as Evernote. If you want more of a personal assistant (which doesn’t offer as many suggestions as you might expect but it’s getting there), Springpad has been seen as both of an alternative to and a supplement to Evernote. The two used to be much closer in use but we like the different directions they are going. Download Evernote for Android or iOS today.

LectureNotes – Alternative to Penultimate for Android. Use your finger or a stylus to take notes. Great for a student or a teacher. Make sure you have a good stylus but it is pretty easy to learn how to use. There is a free trial version and a paid version so make sure you download the right one for Android today.

IFTTT – One of our favorite websites is now one of our favorite mobile apps. Tie things together and make them work for you. Want to share the cool article you just read in multiple places or with different people with just one click? IFTTT can help you out. With more programs and apps being added to the list of channels every day, the opportunities are close to endless. Add in the opportunity to check out what other people have done with IFTTT (browse public “recipes”) do more than you ever thought of doing before. Currently it is only available for the iPhone (what’s up with that?) but we’re hoping for an Android release soon. Download for the iPhone today.

Dropbox – Need to check documents or your lecture on the go? Want to share those great photos you took quickly with your parents? Do it all in Dropbox. The mobile app is quite a bit different from the website, but it is functional enough to keep up with things on the go. Available for both Android and iOS.

ICE Standard – It is important to have your emergency contact info and medical info on you in case you have an emergency. The ICE Standard app covers all the important info and is an easy way to list medications, emergency doctor info, emergency contact info and a photo of you in case you need help. Simple to use. Available for both iOS and Android.

Digg for Android

from: Android Central

Feedly/DIGG – RSS readers! Great for keeping track of articles you need to read, journal releases, books you want to read, and important news. Both of these are available for mobile devices and are fantastic ways to keep up with what you want to know. If you can’t read the info right now, save the information later via Pocket or Readability or Evernote (Feedly pro or email it to your Evernote) and come back to read it without being overwhelmed. Share information quickly via social media. RSS is a great tool for finding articles for all those discussion board posts you have to do for class and both Feedly and Digg just help you organize it. Download Feedly for iOS or Android and Digg for iOS or Android. Download Pocket for iOS or Android. Download Readability for iOS or Android. – Do we really have to explain this one?? Make sure you use the right word at the right time. Spell the word you use correctly. Loads faster than some alternative apps and if you don’t mind ads, it is free. (There is an ad free paid version). Download for iOS or Android.

Google Calendar (Android)/Sunrise (iOS)/Cal (iOS) – Built in calendars work but aren’t as aesthetically pleasing as some alternatives. Use your existing calendars from any of these apps and share events quickly with friends. Scheduling a meeting with a student? Stick in their email and send them an invite. Want your parents to know when you’re in class? Use these apps to share those events with them.



Trello – Working on a group project with lots of pieces and want to keep up with whether different things got done? Want to easily see how many subtasks of your own project have been completed? Or just want to make a quick grocery list? Trello is a neat app that allows you to do all of those things. You can share tasks with people whether they are on Trello or not. You can put comments on tasks instead of emailing about the task progress. See the whole forest or just see the trees at any given time. Definitely a step up from just making notes in a generic note app. Available on Android and iOS.

What do you think about the apps we’ve suggested? Let us know in the comments! Join us next week for some tips on spicing up your dorm or apartment!

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