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Posted 22 Aug 2007 in Back to School

WritingAn important part of the educational process is learning how to form your own ideas about a myriad of topics and communicating them to others.

Typically, you will be asked to write essays or papers that communicate your theories and understanding of a particular topic. It can be difficult to get organized, but with these tips, you will quickly be on your way to becoming an excellent written communicator, as well as earning high grades!

Perhaps the most important and best advice that I can give you is to create a schedule and stick to it when preparing to write an essay or paper. If you know you have a paper due in 6 weeks, do a little bit of it at a time, instead of waiting until the last minute. See Back to School: 5 Time Management Tips that Work for tips and tricks to getting papers done efficiently and with less stress.

These articles from lifehack.org are VERY helpful for providing the advice every student needs for becoming successful writers. Bookmark, print or save these pages to your computer. Refer back to them when you need some direction!

Additional articles of note:

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