Stay Healthy by Exercising

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Posted 24 Aug 2007 in Back to School

Yoga EmilyCollege students have a great, frequently free resource – campus gyms and exercise facilities! They also have access to health centers and on-campus counseling services.

While campus gyms are often better than those off-campus, sometimes you may want to beat the monotony of going to the gym with these free exercise videos!

Yoga Instructor Marcia Langenberg provides short, but effective Yoga training videos for download called Yoga @ Desk, that you can watch and perform at your desk!

These exercise videos are especially designed for people who work at their desks for most part of the day – such as students or computer geeks:

Part 1: Introducing the Exercises (9:40 minutes)

Part 2: Linking the Exercises to Your Breath (12:17 minutes)

Part 3a: Varying the Exercises (9:57 minutes)

Part 3b: Varying the Exercises (8:40 minutes)

Yoga is not as easy as it looks! The class I took this past school year helped me burn lots of calories, without a bunch of jumping around! You learn how to control your body and become more away of how your body operates!

Another fitness instructor has posted free exercise videos on YouTube for your viewing and exercise enjoyment. You can also search YouTube for other videos which have been uploaded by members of the YouTube community.

Additionally, you can find links to more videos at Digital Inspiration.

Not sure how to jump start your diet? Try these tips from g333k Living:

4 Healthy snacks to have in front of your screen (and a drink)
8 easy things you can do to lose fat

Miss hearing your mom saying, “Sit up straight!” every time you slouch? Check out Dumb Little Man’s 7 Postural Habits To Make Now To Increase Your Health

Be sure to consult with a doctor before starting any diet or exercise program.

Coming tomorrow: 10 Ways to Trim Your Budget

The 2007 Back to School series is designed to help students be more successful! New articles will be posted daily for two weeks, beginning August 13, 2007. Creative Commons License photo credit: Canadian Veggie

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  1. yoga is more difficult than it looks, true enough. i tried some basic exercises for awhile, as there are places all over Chengdu, China which do it every morning and every evening.

    i couldn’t remain faithful to it, as i guess i’m lazy. it was free for me to learn, and i still couldn’t manage to do it, even with inspired desire in the beginning.

    • I love yoga. I only do the basics, as I am not in good enough shape to try some of the others, but I hope to try them one day soon!

      One of the things that has always fascinated me about Chinese culture is a focus on health and daily exercise as a group. I would love to visit and do yoga with a large group of people.

  2. I’m too manly for Yoga, but my girlfriend is in to it heavily. Will try out the Dumb Little Man’s posture tips though, because like most men, I have poor posture habits!

    • My yoga class had football players in it. :) I think it’s really up to the individual whether or not they want to try it, because it is intense and really connects you to your body in a way that you rarely are connected. Try it ONCE with your girlfriend and see how you like it! :) And keep me posted!

  3. Adding yoga into my workout routine has given me more flexibility and better posture. Actually being able to perform yoga at my desk.. fabulous!

    • I tried the yoga at my desk, and it was extremely challenging! I really enjoyed it and look forward to doing it more often, especially as it starts to get cold outside!

  4. Great post! This will be very helpful as my co-workers and I can’t get away to exercise the way we should.

    Thanks for the great information!

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