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Posted 21 Aug 2007 in Back to School

No school year is complete without having a little fun. It can be difficult sometimes to coordinate everyone’s schedules when trying to go out to dinner or do a little clubbing. I have tried various methods – Evite, email, Google Calendar, snail mail, phone calls, etc. to figure out when to schedule a date, but nothing works as well as this option, in my humble opinion.

It does involve a little effort to set up (mainly to make sure the dates are correct), but after that, it’s a breeze! If you plan on doing a lot of socializing or want to plan something more regularly, take the time to do the entire year’s calendars in advance. ❗

Note: You need an email client that supports monospaced fonts (like Courier). Otherwise this chart will look terrible. In Gmail, use “Rich Formatting” and Courier New to maintain the formatting.

Step 1: Write names on the vertical and the dates on the horizontal, like this:

Step 1 Schedule

Step 2: Insert your information – using a code system. The one provided is pretty easy, but feel free to make up your own codes. The one I used is:

  • + means “I’m free”
  • – means “Busy”
  • ? means “I don’t know yet or it depends on other people’s plans or something”
  • c means “I can cancel whatever else I have planned”

Step 2 Schedule

Step 3: Email the chart to everyone else. Wait for their replies. Here’s the response I got:

Step 3 Schedule

Step 4: Look at each day and see where I have the most likely matches. It appears that the 9th, 10th and 11th are the only days in August that work for everyone. Mark those days and then send out an email suggesting the day you think is best.

Everyone will agree on the date suggested (since they are already free) and now you can get ready for your night out on the town!

Special thanks to ButtUgly’s The Iteration List for the inspiration. This solution ROCKS!

Coming tomorrow: Writing Skills Every Student Needs

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