6 Sites You Have to Go Back to School With

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Posted 19 Aug 2008 in Back to School

School has already started for some of us – and will start soon for the rest of us students! Make life a bit easier with web applications and websites that do the stuff you don’t have time to do or save you a bit of time, so you can spend more time hanging out with your friends studying in the library?

  1. Emurse is an online resume maker with features such as a quick resume generator, activity tracking, resume templates and multi-format download. This is great if you are starting early with your job search or looking for a job on campus.
  2. Rondee.com is a free telephone conferencing service that is free and full-featured. Need to chat with your group members about your project? Want to get your parents and grandparents on the phone to beg for cash? This is an easy way to do it.
  3. DailyLit allows you to conveniently read books by email or in your RSS reader, for much less than purchasing them, and without dragging yourself to the local library branch. Each book is broken down into segments of about 5 minutes reading time, so you can read a section a day and be well on your way to reading more classics and new releases than you ever thought possible!
  4. imo.im keeps getting more and more sophisticated! This online instant messenger application allows you to instant message and video chat with friends on most of the popular clients – AIM, Y! Messenger, GTalk and more — and it’s free!
  5. Newser keeps you on top of current news… forget going to multiple news sites to get your news, just visit Newser! This no-registration required site is full of cool features, such as mouseover popup summaries of articles and easy to navigate sections.
  6. txt2day.com has replaced my cell phone as my favorite way to send text messages when I’m in class charging my phone. Not only is it free, but you can set your reply to address as your email address, for easy and speedy replies!
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  1. Great, I never knew about txt2day! I was using Telus’s online SMS a bit, but I like this better, certainly. I’d also recommend Amazon – I saved over $60 by buying two of my books last semester online. This semester, any books that I’m buying (and I don’t think many) I’m going to try to find online. I’m in Computer Science, so it might be a bit easier than other schools of study, but it’s always worth it.

    Anthony Aziz’s last blog post: OXM’s Approval

  2. Thanks for the mention about Rondee! Another feature your readers may be interested in is that we allow you to reserve your own ID. Some people pick their names, others pick the name of the group, etc. As long as everyone dials in using that ID, the group call gets launched.

  3. Thanks for the Newser shout out! We’re always looking for Newser fans that might be interesting in joining the Newser “Product Council” to give us feedback on ideas we have to make the site even better. If you’re interested in joining our Product Council drop me a note (bmachion@newser.com) with your Newser username and I’ll add you to the list. Thanks again and enjoy Newser!

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  4. Great job! I love how easily you convey your information and make it such a quick read!

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