2013 – Tribute to Ellie

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Posted 08 Sep 2013 in Back to School, Featured

Ellie, the founder of ThePinkC, passed away three years ago this week. So today we’re posting a tribute to Ellie written by her lifelong companion Boo Bear. Boo Bear is no stranger to ThePinkC or technology so we hope you enjoy!

Boo Bear, Rattle Bear and Ellie

Boo Bear, Rattle Bear and Ellie

Hey, is this thing on?? My name is Boo Bear. Ellie and I had some absolutely amazing times. We were great friends. Given this time of year is also the beginning of football season, I’d like to remind you that the Saints are the best in the NFL and that Georgia has the greatest college football team of all time. Now that that is out the way, I’m going to give you a tribute to Ellie but not in a sad way. I’m gonna talk about some of the things we liked to talk about and do together that you can use to have a great school year!

1) Organization! Be organized. Some of you go overboard with it (here’s looking at you HarriMac) but stay organized. If nothing else, keep a list of family and friend’s addresses organized in your phone or on your computer so you can send them a fun note every once in a while.

2) Dance like nobody is watching. I love to dance and I can jam to some MJ with my earbuds on (I have brown ones to match me!). If I cared what everybody else thought I’d be making life complicated. I’m a bear after all.

3) Be able to keep up with current events. And I don’t mean that politics stuff some of you guys love. I mean important stuff like who won the game yesterday (the Dawgs did!!) or how the new John Legend album sounded (pretty great!) or who is having a sale on airline tickets (I love to travel!). You can keep up with this stuff with all the technology talked about on this website!!

4) Lastly, laugh at yourself. If you can laugh at you, nobody else laughing can make you feel bad. I’m missing an eye. I know it, you know it. But I don’t let it hold me down! I can laugh and give everybody who asks me a different story about how I lost it. It keeps the stigma away and we can all have fun.

So there you go. I’m a simple bear and I’m having fun being me. I learned all that from Ellie. I hope that you can have fun being you because it makes life so much easier!! Thanks for reading!!


Boo Bear

Join us next week for the continuation of the Back to School series. We’ll be covering Android and iOS apps to help students, parents, and teachers get the most out of this school year!

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