We’re back!

Posted 14 Feb 2008 in Announcements

It took a lot longer than I anticipated, but thepinkc – the ultimate Geek Girl – is back!

We switched hosts in the last week to BlueHost. The move was pretty easy, although I did lose a few settings for plugins and a couple of logos 😳

While the site is back up – and with a new look, expect to see a few changes over the next few weeks – new logos, color theme, etc. If you see any bugs, please send me an email.

Stay tuned for a double dose of Geek Girl and WordPress Wednesdays – my gift to you for being patient with the downtime!

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  1. Good to see you back – I went dot com with munny4hunny while you were knee deep in lost plug-ins… also seems there is a new PR update on the way…

    • Wonderful! I wonder if I’ll finally be vindicated! I would love my PageRank back! :mrgreen:

  2. Any hints how to get a PR in the first place sify Jay and sifa Ellie?

    Congrats with being up and running again!!! You don’t have a ScratchBack tip box? Works much better than the buy me a tea, beer, bear, whatever…!

    • I have been looking into the ScratchBack tip box, but I think that in 2008 I will focus on becoming a better blogger, rather than “making money online.” 😛

  3. Well lookie here at the new duds, looks good!! Thanks for the Scratchback luv too 😎

    • Thanks! Hope to see you around more often! 😀

  4. I get your idea Ellie :-)