October 2007 PageRank Update

Posted 28 Oct 2007 in Announcements

After a lot of hard work and prayer, thepinkc has a Google PageRank of 4!

A lot of bloggers have said that they lost PageRank with this latest update, so I am glad to say that I didn’t! I noticed some updates last week, but I wanted to wait to see the results of the update – and I am NOT disappointed! I will not be looking for a lot of changes with a PR 4, but I join other great bloggers who dropped in the rankings or rose in the rankings to Google PageRank 4! ❗

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  1. :smile: Congrats Ellie! Again there is a secret in your blog that I didn’t see yet: you must be the only active money blogger that got your PR up!!!! :smile:

    • Thanks! I am going to write more about why I didn’t get Google Bop’d this time around, so keep your eyes open!

      I love your niche sites!

  2. Surely need to read what you have to say about that :-) Now that’s a niche as well: getting rich AND more PR :-)

  3. I’m happy with this update since my site stepped from pagerank 3 to pagerank 4!

    A strange update anyway… we’ve waited for 6 months and now a lot of sites have lost 1-2 or eve 3 pr points!

    • I know! That is the scariest part – is that most people dropped PageRank! I went up 1 point, so I am glad!