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What to do when your WordPress blog won’t load

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Posted 29 Jun 2009 — by Ellie
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I just upgraded my WordPress installation, and lo-and-behold, my blog wouldn’t load after I upgraded! The administration panel loaded just fine, so I knew that it wasn’t a database error. So, I did a little poking around to see if I could find the cause of this error.

First, I checked out my plugins – it is possible that plugins may be incompatible with an updated version of WordPress. I disabled each one, then reloaded my website. No dice. Page still doesn’t load.

Now, on to re-enabling all of my plugins.

Tributes to Michael Jackson all over the world

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Posted 28 Jun 2009 — by Ellie
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In my last post, I wrote about the death of Michael Jackson, and noted some of my favorite songs.

I live in Harlem and have been avoiding going down to the Apollo since Thursday – but I trekked down this afternoon to see what was going on.

Michael Jackson dies at age 50

Posted 25 Jun 2009 — by Ellie
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The King of Pop, Michael Jackson, died at age 50 today. I have been a fan for as long as I can remember – from his Jackson 5 days to present. Despite the controversy and no recent records in the last few years, Michael still invoked strong emotions in people from all around the world. His songs spoke to many of us through puberty, young adulthood and into our middle age. Some of us literally grew up with Michael – while others of us caught the last 30 years of his career and life – and still value him as not just the “King of Pop” but a storyteller for the ages. MJstar My favorite Michael Jackson songs are: PYT (Pretty Young Thing), You Rock My World, Don’t Stop ’til You Get Enough and Heaven Can Wait. What are yours? Any great memories of the King of Pop?

HarriMac’s Software Pack

Posted 22 Jun 2009 — by HarriMac
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Free and low-cost software is seriously awesome. Oftentimes, these programs can not only perform as well as a high cost program but can do the job better. I really like programs that are open-source – users know the things they don’t like and can edit them to fix it how they want. Here’s my list of great free programs:

Leave Messages and Connect with Phonevite

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Posted 22 Jun 2009 — by Ellie
Category Geek Girl

As some of you guys know, I’m a member of several fraternal organizations. It is difficult to call hundreds of people when information needs to be passed along quickly AND accurately. So, I searched for a way to send messages and connect with my fellow club members, family and friends. There are literally dozens of reasons to use a mass messaging system – send meeting reminders, notify family of resturant location for dinner, send words of encouragement, announce an engagement – and many, many more.

Have you updated your software lately?

Posted 14 Jun 2009 — by Ellie
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One of the most dreaded chores for most computer users is finding and installing updates for your software and operating system. There are programs out there to make this process easier, and many programs have built-in update checkers.

One of the top programs for updating your software is FileHippo, which works on PCs only. However, VersionTracker works on PCs, Macs iPhone and PalmOS.

I'm working
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No matter which program you use, it is important to look at the settings for your software first and see if it has the capability to check on its own for updates. You might have to manually check for an update or set the program to check for updates periodically, but at least you’ll be prepared to update your software quickly!