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Tech Gadgets for Sale!

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Posted 21 Jan 2009 — by Ellie
Category Announcements

Are you looking for some neat tech gadgets to get you on the way to being more geeky in ’09?

Check out these deals from me to you via my store:

  • Belkin Mini Surge Protector/Dual USB Charger $14! A great tool if you travel from coffee shop to coffee shop and want to be sure you are protecting your gadgets from electrical surges AND have enough plugs to keep everything charged up!
  • Kingston Flash Memory 4GB Mobilty Kit with MicroSD Card Reader and 3 Adapters $9! With the 3 adapters, you can make this 4GB card work with everything from phones to cameras to computers! Easy to use and the adapters come in a small carrying case.

Mashup RSS feeds into Posts with RSSdoodle and Twitterdoodle

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Posted 21 Jan 2009 — by Ellie
Category WordPress

twitter21The Lessnau Lounge brings to the table two great WordPress plugins – Twitterdoodle and RSSdoodle.

Twitterdoodle allows you to create mashup posts (or roundups) of tweets about a specific topic being talked about on Twitter. For example, if you want to make a post about Apple iPods or your favorite tv show, Twitterdoodle has some great features, such as an option to make posts go automatically to your category archives and not your blog’s front page.

RSSdoodle works the same way, except it compiles lists of blog posts from around the web.

Posts about Google Reader as of January 20, 2009

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Posted 20 Jan 2009 — by Ellie
Category Technology
Sorry that I’ve been a little absent as far as not having any stamped projects to share … have to keep checking, or via Google Reader (the best!!).  Until then, take care.
From the back of the
From the back of the pack It has been a while since I posted on There is no one reason to point at as to why I have been absent. The crazy thing is, I have kept up with a number of blogs through Google Reader. Yet … of blogs through Google Reader. Yet, I have not found it in myself to contribute either via comment
9rules… wow, a nice surprise!
After the recent euphoria of making it onto Alltop, this week I found out that the blog has made the latest round of 9rules, … for my Google Reader myself.  It’s great fun learning from smart people, it’s the fastest way I learn new
I wanted to write a round up of all the Obama ‘08 campaign and social media analyses, so I did a search for his name in my Google Reader. The search results, a bit like me and a lot of people today
Welcome to Crafting 101 — where the best artists in the Blogosphere share with you the basics of rubber stamping, paper crafting and scrapbooking … . Remember these lovely little boxes don’t show up in Google Reader, so if you can’t see them, click on over
My blog picks on the Obama
I slept through it – after all it was 3am here in Sydney. So I am turning over this entry to posts that otherwise would appear in my Google Reader picks.ThomasThomas is in Sydney but doesn’t need to sleep. The Inauguration of Barack Obama: “Channel
Watch as the blog post rates increase dramatically, lots of link love, memes, posts with some thought, topical entries, … to get through; which is what I will be doing over the next month. I may have to split my Google Reader
more things to look into online Things to lookup/into/research in the coming weeks ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. building businesses through Internet identity solutions eROI email and interactive royalty crowned daily Vidoop strong authentication everyone’s related Google Reader
Web-based services pop-up and fizzle-out all the time in the mobile space … . Google has also retained their mobile-optimized Google Reader and Google Gmail services. Why did … . There’s just no telling what service will soar and which services will fail. Google (NSDQ: GOOG
How To Install A Patio Roof …
How To Install A Patio Roof … January 20, 2009 | By Zoltan In Online Business, Promotion and Marketing | Comments(0) A patio is one of the best features a home could have. What could be better than spending an afternoon relaxing in your patio with a book you’ve always wanted to read

The Best Google Notebook Replacement

Posted 19 Jan 2009 — by Ellie
Category Geek Girl

Google Notebook will be around for a while, but Google has stopped development on this highly popular online notetaking tool. New users will not be added, and there will be no updates to the Google Notebook Firefox Extension.

The Official Google Notebook Blog suggests to use Google Docs, Tasks in Gmail Labs or Google Bookmarks. However, I have an even better suggestion – Evernote.

Evernote allows you to easily capture information in any environment using whatever device or platform you find most convenient, and makes this information accessible and searchable at any time, from anywhere.

Social Networking – On and Offline

Posted 08 Jan 2009 — by HarriMac
Category Soulville

I’m always wanting to meet new people. I like my internet friends and I like my real life friends but especially when I move to a new place I feel lost all over again. Here is my list of awesome social networking websites and a list of places to meet people in real life.


Translate Your Blog in Three Easy Steps

Posted 07 Jan 2009 — by Ellie
Category WordPress

ZdMultilang is a WordPress plugin that helps you translate your blog posts, categories or tags in three easy steps. Once you install the plugin, your readers will be able to select the language they want to translate your site to, too!

  1. Install and activate the plugin via the WordPress administration screen or by manually downloading from the site and uploading to your server.
  2. Select the language(s) you want to use on your site, using the directions on the plugin website.
  3. Use the Options tab to set additional preferences, such as where you want to display the language switcher or whether or not to use flags as markers for language switching.

Top 5 Ways to Release Your Inner Faulkner

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Posted 01 Jan 2009 — by HarriMac
Category Soulville

SoulvilleWriting appeals to many people. Some people write short stories, some write novels, some write poetry, others use other forms of written word. If you’re stuck on the first few words, here are some things that can help you let the inner writer in you flow…

1. Journal – Journaling is more than just putting your words, feelings and emotions on paper. Sometimes things that you write that happen in your own life or emotions you have can spur characters or ideas for writing. It can put your more at ease, which means your brain is free and open to let the words flow.