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Reorganize Your Bookmarks for Maximum Productivity

Posted 31 Jul 2008 — by HarriMac
Category Soulville

SoulvilleHave you ever bookmarked something in your browser only not being able to find it later using the search term but you know it’s there? Then you’re like me.

I don’t have a quick fix, but I have a way you can productively spend an hour or two, which will gain you more time in the future.

Organize your bookmarks! Of course the smart way to do this would be to organize them as you bookmark them, but I use shortcuts for bookmarking and that’s too much of a hassle :lol:.

Handle Images Easily with a Quick CSS Update

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Posted 30 Jul 2008 — by Ellie
Category WordPress

WordPress WednesdaysThe latest in the WordPress software, 2.6, has some nifty features, but the image controls is not one of them, if you have a theme that does not appreciate the new coding and alignment code.

The solution is simple, and hopefully other thememakers will take notice of this change; and include this code in their new templates.

Insert the following code:

img.alignleft, div.alignleft {
margin:0 0.5em 0.5em 0;
img.alignright, div.alignright {
margin:0 0 0.5em 0.5em;
img.aligncentered, div.aligncentered {
margin:0 auto;

anywhere in your .css file, and save. Now your images should align properly!

Make Windows Vista SP1 Permanent!

Posted 28 Jul 2008 — by Ellie
Category Technology

The following tip comes in handy when reclaiming some space on your Windows Vista machine.

  1. Open the command prompt (Win Key + R and type cmd)
  2. Then type in vsp1cln.exe at the prompt.
  3. You want to select YES.
  4. Allow the program to reclaim space on your hard drive and make Windows Vista SP1 permanent on your hard drive!

Some users reported up to 0.9GB reclaimed!

Hat tip to Life Rocks for the how-to!

Firefox Bookmarks Library Tips & Tricks

Posted 27 Jul 2008 — by Ellie
Category Geek Girl

Geek GirlFirefox 3 has been on the tongues and fingertips of people around the globe since it was released. All of the new features have been met with delight, and techies everywhere have been finding tweaks to make Firefox run faster or suit their needs.

The Firefox Bookmarks Library features built-in tagging support and easy drag-and-drop labeling.

10 Ways to Reduce Allergens in your Home

Posted 26 Jul 2008 — by HarriMac
Category Soulville

SoulvilleSorry all, I’ve been on a hiatus of sorts. I have a mega certification exam in early August and I’ve been “studying” for it. But I have had some intermittent posts and this is one of them. Today? How to reduce allergens in your home. I’ll also be listing a few upcoming posts so buckle down and get ready!

10 Ways to Reduce Allergens In Your Home

4 Ways to Break the Procrastination Habit

Posted 21 Jul 2008 — by Ellie
Category Geek Girl

Geek GirlProcrastination is a bad habit that many of us have developed over time – whether it be video games, the Internet or reading, basically any task that you perform that delays you from completing other, possibly more important tasks. Researchers have found that procrastination leads to depression, insomnia and an entire host of other issues that can even be life threatening!

I am guilty of procrastination myself, so these are four tips that I am using to break the cycle of procrastination and move toward a better life overall.

4 Reasons Why The Web Rocked This Week

Posted 18 Jul 2008 — by Ellie
Category Technology

Everybody loves the Internet’s dynamic nature.

It is constantly changing and evolving to meet the needs of its users.

A few of my favorite web applications launched new features this week, or at least they hit my account this week!

Of course, you should check out my posts about the new WordPress version 2.6 – WordPress 2.6 Released a Month Ahead of Schedule and Shareaholic – Shareaholic helps you share your favorite websites, if you haven’t already.

  1. The WordPress Themes Repository was relaunched! Yay! I can stop by the site and check out new and updated themes – no more Google searching for themes – find the good ones right on WordPress’ website!

WordPress 2.6 Released a Month Ahead of Schedule

Posted 16 Jul 2008 — by Ellie
Category WordPress

WordPress WednesdaysEverybody’s favorite CMS (content management system), WordPress, just released version 2.6 an entire month ahead of schedule. Not only did this version fix almost 200 bugs, but it adds some new features that are sure to have most WordPress users dancing in their computer chairs!

Now WordPress comes with a built in word count, so you can see in real time how many words long your post is! Look for the Word count directly below the Save and Publish buttons in your Publish Status box.

Shareaholic helps you share your favorite websites

Posted 15 Jul 2008 — by Ellie
Category Geek Girl

Geek GirlShareaholic is a Firefox plugin that gives you the ability to share on social networks, bookmarking sites and via email any websites that you come across and want to share. ShareaholicIt supports over 21 different social networking sites, bookmarking services and has neat features that will have you using Shareaholic daily!

As you can see from the screenshot, once you install Shareaholic into your Firefox (Flock and Songbird are also compatible) browser, the plugin will insert the Shareaholic button in your Firefox toolbar, and upon clicking the button, a dropdown menu will appear. If the site has already been saved or Dugg, you will see this information, too! I love checking out how popular a website is, so this is a great addition to the plugin.